1. Overcome Test Anxiety 

This powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique will reduce your anxiety in minutes. Listen to this NeuroBooster just before you take a test or when you notice anxious feelings. The negative feelings will be replaced by ones that empower you.

2. Let Go of Work

Use this NeuroBooster before you walk into your home after a tough workday. First, you learn how to let go of all the stress and the rumination about work. Then you reassess how you felt when you first fell in love with your significant other.

When you walk into your home authentically feeling that deep loving feeling it changes how you interact with your family that evening.

3. Design a Great Life

This NueroBooster uses a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) process to unleash your creativity and critical thinking so you build something wonderful for yourself. The thing I love about this track is that you create a compelling future that is well thought out and you do it very quickly.

There are instructions at the beginning of the track that are essential to learning the process. To get a deeper understanding please watch this video.

4. Don't Bring Stress From Home To Work

Release all the stress and drama from home before you start your workday. This elegant NeuroBooster guides you through a process where you let go of the home stuff and access a powerful state of being so you make your workday super productive.

5. Live In The Present Moment

Learn how to step into the present moment. Most of the time we are thinking about what we will do next or are haunted by the sins of the past. This NeuroBooster will get you to the only place you can make a difference. That place is now.

6. Overcome Grief

All of us have lost people that we love or really care about. Some people have died and others have departed from our lives. Both hurt and can have us living in grief with no end in sight. This NeuroBooster helps you lessen the grief so you can start living again.

7. Feeling Loved

Create a more loving connection with people you care about. This NeuroBooster allows you to access the feeling of being totally loving and connected before you go out on a date or spend time with someone you care about. It will make the time you spend with them richer and more meaningful for the both of you.