Press Release – NeuroBoosterz Launches

Take Charge Of Your Mindset With The NeuroBoosterz Web App

Decide how you want to act and feel so you bring your best self to any situation

BALTIMORE, FEBRUARY 6, 2020 — NeuroBoosterz web app launches today. The NeuroBoosterz web app works on all platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Andriod. You can try the app out for a free 7-day trial before you sign up for a subscription of $12.99/month or $99/year (save yourself $55). This app gives you the ability to change how you feel in minutes so you get the help you need when you need it.  

Need more confidence before you step into an important meeting? Play the Boost Your Self-esteem NeuroBooster audio track and your confidence will go from a 6 out of 10 to a 9 or 10 out of 10 in seven minutes. With this improved mindset, you will crush the meeting.

Umar Hameed, creator of NeuroBoosterz says, “You no longer have to be a hostage to your mindset you get to be the CEO of your life. Now you can decide how you show up in the world, you have the power to change bad days into good ones and good days into great ones” 

The NeuroBoosterz app is available at Currently, there are over 50 transformation tracks in the following categories:

Sales MindsetMotivation & ConfidenceHealth & WellbeingSleep & RelaxationTransformationLife’s Ups & Downs

NeuroBoosterz uses Applied Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) techniques to guide listeners on how to take charge of their mindset. Users can pick the NeuroBooster that they need for the situation at hand. Need more focus? More passion? Want to let go of anger? There are NeuroBoosterz for these issues and more. New NeuroBoosterz tracks are added each week.

For example, Way too many people show up totally distracted at home after a long day at work. They are physically at home but mentally checked out. And everybody including the family dog can sense it. The Let Go Of Work NeuroBooster allows a user to listen to this 6:44 sec track in the driveway before they step into the house. This NeuroBooster helps them release all the stress of the day and authentically reexperience the first time they fell in love with their significant other. They walk into their house fully present and feeling love in their heart. 

Personalized NeuroBoosterz

Users can request a tailor-made NeuroBooster made for their unique situation. Recently, Doug Miller, CEO at Strategic Sales Search requested a custom NeuroBooster to help him wake up at 4:45 am each workday morning and get him out of the door on his run by 5 am. Before NeuroBoosterz, Doug was hitting the snooze button three days a week. 

Doug said, “On the days I go for a run I have a great sales day. On snooze days, because I started with a defeat the sales are lower. Ever since I got my NeuroBooster, I listen to it just before bed and I’m out the door running at 5 am every workday. This stuff really works”.

We set up a 15-minute call to get a handle on Doug’s situation and what mindset would make Doug get out of the house running by 5 am. I used that information to design, record, and deliver Doug’s NeuroBooster within 48hrs and Doug has been waking up and running by 5 am each workday ever since.

About Umar Hameed 

Umar is an expert in changing human behavior and runs the Baltimore Washington Institue of NLP. Umar is the author of 2 books. He has helped thousands of people get breakthroughs and has done keynote presentations about Applied Neuroscience at conferences in 14 countries.