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Welcome to the NeuroBoosterz community

NeuroBoosterz gives you the power to decide how you feel and act in any situation. If you have an idea for a new NeuroBooster please share that with us so we can ensure NeuroBoosterz stays relevant for all of our users. 

You can use Neuroboosterz in one of four ways:

1. You can select the perfect NeuroBooster before you go into a situation where you need to be "awesomer."

For example, you are not as confident as you need to be for an upcoming meeting. You go to the Motivation & Confidence category and listen to Boost Your Self Esteem track.  In 7 minutes, your confidence level goes up to a 9 or 10 out of 10. With this enhanced mindset you know you'll get the job done.  

2. After a situation where things did not go great and you would listen to a NeuroBoo​​​​ster to get back on track.  

3. I have clients that listen to their favorite NeuroBooster before they start the day so they feel unstoppable and perform at their highest level all morning. Then they listen to another NeuroBooster after lunch to make sure their afternoon kicks off with a winning mindset.

4. Get a customized NeuroBooster made for your specific situation. We will create a NeuroBooster designed to help you overcome any issue that stops you from achieving your goal.

For example, I created a NeuroBooster that helps one of my clients go for a run every weekday morning at 5 am. In the past, he would hit the snooze button 3 out of 5 days starting the day with a loss. Before he goes to bed he listens to the custom NeuroBooster we build for him. Now he wakes up at 4:45 am and is out running at 5 am every weekday morning. Because he starts his day with a win it gives him the energy and confidence to perform at a higher level all day.

Best regards,

Umar Hameed