Track List

The Sales Mindset

1.Handling Objections (8:31 sec)

This NeuroBooster gives you the mindset to effortlessly handle any objections that a client sends your way. Each objection makes you stronger and puts you into the flow state until you get a yes.

2. Rebound after a setback (7:29 sec)

Disappointment and failure is part of the sales game. The question is if you lose a large opportunity how quickly can you bounce back. For some salespeople, it could sidetrack them for an afternoon or for the rest of the quarter. This NeuroBooster gets you to bounce back within 10 mins.

3. Plan the week ahead (7:02 sec)

Use this NeuroBooster to make your upcoming week an exceptional one. Listen to this on Sunday evening and let the awesome power of your unconscious mind design a highly productive week.

4. Successful meeting (6:30 sec)

If you have a really important meeting coming up that you need to be at your very best listen to this NeuroBooster. It will increase your confidence while simultaneously reducing your stress level.

5. Fearless Cold Calling (6:06)

This NeuroBooster uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to take the anxiety and stress out of cold calling. You will be able to make calls in a more powerful and relaxed manner.

6. Asking For Referrals (7:00 sec)

Asking for referrals can be challenging for many salespeople. This NeuroBooster makes asking effortless and allows you to do it masterfully. Remember warm leads lead to big sales.

7. Asking For The Sale (5:59 sec)

Research shows that way too many salespeople make a sales presentation without asking for the sale. This NeuroBooster will remedy that. It allows you to confidently ask for the sale every time.

8. Become rejection proof (7:00 sec)

Imagine the impact on your career if you were rejection-proof. This powerful NeuroBooster will make you bullet-proof when it comes to sales. Listen to this track before you walk into a sales situation whether it's on the phone, video conferencing, or in-person

9. They Are Too Important (9:30 sec)

If you are a great salesperson when it comes to regular accounts but freeze up when the client is a whale this NeuroBooster is for you. This NeuroBooster will make you comfortable and confident regardless of the prestige of the client. Listen to this and go close business.

10. Getting past disappointment (8:34 sec)

In sales, there are more failures than wins. Losing a huge deal can be debilitating. This NeuroBooster will get you over the disappointment in minutes so you can get back on the hunt for new business.

11. Master challenging conversations (7:30 sec)

Confrontation is uncomfortable but incredibly useful for moving things along. It is only natural that many people put off challenging conversations as long as possible. This NeuroBooster is a game-changer because it lets you have these types of communications without the distress.

12. Getting past no (6:30 sec)

Become the master of turning NOs into opportunities to close the deal without feeling any anxiety or discomfort. This NeuroBooster empowers you to see Nos as a game that you can win. The more NOs you get the more resourceful you get.

Confidence and Motivation

1. I can do anything (6:32 sec)

This NeuroBooster will get you to be at your very best for any situation. The bolder, more confident you will have the right mindset to succeed.

2. Unstoppable You (6:00sec)

Feel unstoppable and you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible. This NeuroBooster will propel you into the right mindset to win.

3. Design a compelling future (6:21 sec)

Use the awesome power of your mind to create a vision of your future. A vision that will inspire you to take the needed action to make it happen.

4. Self Esteem (7:00 sec)

High self-esteem is a critical element to being successful in life. This NeuroBooster uses a powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) process to boost your self-esteem in 7 mins.

5. A More Confident You (5:52 sec)

Boost your level of confidence before an important event like a test, meeting, or sporting event. Higher confidence will give you the edge you need to win and any game.

6. Best Day Ever (5:52 sec)

Listen to this NeyroBooster at the start of your day and program your neurology to propel you to bring your A-game to the day’s activities.

7. Overcome Test Anxiety (8:29 sec)

This powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique will reduce your anxiety in minutes. Listen to this NeuroBooster when you notice anxious feelings and you will break through them in minutes.

8. Overcome Test Anxiety 2 (6:07 sec)

Anxiety is so pervasive that I designed another NeuroBooster to help you break through anxiety within minutes. This one is also based on NLP.


1.Mind Movie (5:59 sec)

This NeuroBooster uses the power of your mind to bring a higher level of thinking to your projects and meetings. Additionally, it programs your neurology to bring out your very best self when you go to execute your plan.

2. Change an unwanted behavior (8:01 sec)

This is a powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that will transform limiting behaviors into empowering behaviors ones in minutes. These new behaviors will accelerate your success.

3. Circuit Breaker - stop reacting and start living (5:58sec)

We all have certain people or situations that cause us to react in a way that does not serve us. It's like having a button that makes us react without thinking. This NeuroBooster removes that button putting you back in control of the situation so you make better decisions.

4. Master new abilities

This Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique allows you to master new skills very quickly. Imagine wanting to be more patient in a certain situation this NeuroBooster makes that possible.

5. A conversation with future you (8:28 sec)

Use the phenomenal power of your unconscious mind to bring wisdom to your thinking, proposals, and projects. This NeuroBooster allows you think 3 dimensionally so you get deeper insights and foresee problems that would have sabotaged your efforts

6. Learn from the past so you can move on (9:09 sec)

This NeuroBooster allows you to go back to any past event and make peace with it. You can finally learn the lesson so you can completely let go of the regret and anxiety that holds you hostage to the past.

7.Master any ability (9:15 sec)

Remember the holo-deck on Star Trek The Next Generation. It allowed people to create any world they desired in a totally safe environment. This NeuroBooster creates a Holo-deck in your mind so you can rehearse any skill or ability until you master it.

8. Stop negative self-talk (8:15 sec)

This NeuroBooster stops that negative voice inside your head that sabotages your efforts to build a meaningful life. In fact, this powerful technique replaces the negative voice for a positive voice that supports you in your efforts. 

Health and Wellness

1. Diamond Light (13:01 sec)

This NeuroBooster is designed to connect you with your body. It makes you pay attention to each part of your body bringing peace and calm to your mind.

2. Learn The Lesson (6:30 sec)

Much of our stress and anxiety comes from unresolved events from the past. This NeuroBooster gets you to learn the lesson that the past events has for you so you can finally let go of it. Then it removes all of the uncomfortable feelings associated with the past event so you can move on with your life.

3. Ultimate Healing (7:30 sec)

This NeuroBooster takes you on a meditation that brings a sense of healing throughout your body and mind. It reconnects your mind, body, and spirit so you feel like a whole person that is ready for whatever life has in store.

4. Access Inner Power (7:00 sec)

The ancients had incredible knowledge that empowered human beings to achieve greatness. This NeuroBooster is based on one of these gems. It lets you access inner strength and inner peace within minutes.

5. Golden light meditation (7:30 sec)

This is a beautiful meditation that will be a great way to start your day. It guides you to enliven your body with loving golden light washing away any negative thoughts and feelings that could stop you from being at your best.

6. Inner Smile (11:59 sec)

This NeuroBooster aligns your mind and body to function as one highly effective unit. It uses a blend of Chinese medicine combined with energy work to create a calming experience.

7. Liquid Love (7:00 sec)

This NeuroBooster makes you feel loved. It brings in love into every part of your body to nurture and enhance functions. This is a great way to get centered so you can be at your very best.

Sleep and Relaxation

1. Deep relaxation (11:16 sec)

Go from stressed out to calm in minutes with this NeuroBooster. It takes you on a journey of relaxation and peace of mind. It feels like taking a power nap so you are refreshed ready to get on with your day.

2. Closing out your day (7:29 sec)

Use this NeuroBooster just before you go to bed to get a good nights sleep. This beautiful meditation was inspired by Huna a spiritual practice used by the Hawaiian people It allows you to make peace with all of the important interactions you had today. So you can have a restful sleep.

3. Access inner wisdom (7:36 sec)

This NeuroBooster gives you access to your unconscious mind so you can find the answers to important questions that you might be struggling with. Think of an issue you want to make a decision on, listen to this NeuroBooster and you’ll get an answer within minutes.

4. Fall asleep (30 min)

This 30 min NeuroBooster uses advanced languaging skills from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to put you to sleep.

5. Fall asleep (60 min)

This one hour NeuroBooster uses advanced languaging skills from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to put you to sleep.

6. Fall asleep (90 min)

This one and half hour NeuroBooster uses advanced languaging skills from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to put you to sleep.

7. Fall asleep (120 min)

This two hour NeuroBooster uses advanced languaging skills from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to put you to sleep.

Life's Ups & Downs

1. Overcome Test Anxiety (8:29 sec)

This powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique will reduce your anxiety in minutes. Listen to this NeuroBooster just before you take a test or when you notice anxious feelings. The negative feelings will be replaced by ones that empower you. 

 2. Let go of work (6:44 sec)

Use this NeuroBooster before you walk into your home after a tough workday. First, you learn how to let go of all the stress and the rumination about work. Then you reassess how you felt when you first fell in love with your significant other. When you walk into your home authentically feeling that deep loving feeling it changes how you interact with your family that evening.

3. Design a great life (25 min)

This NueroBooster uses a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) process to unleash your creativity and critical thinking so you build something wonderful for yourself. The thing I love about this track is that you create a compelling future that is well thought out and you do it very quickly.

4. Don't bring stress from home to work (8:00 sec)

Release all the stress and drama from home before you start your workday. This elegant NeuroBooster guides you through a process where you let go of the home stuff and access a powerful state of being so you make your workday super productive.

5. Be present (4:00 sec)

Learn how to step into the present moment. Most of the time we are thinking about what we will do next or are haunted by the sins of the past. This NeuroBooster will get you to the only place you can make a difference. That place is now.

6. Overcome grief (15:20 sec)

All of us have lost people that we love or really care about. Some people have died and others have departed from our lives. Both hurt and can have us living in grief with no end in sight. This NeuroBooster helps you lessen the grief so you can start living again.

7. Feeling loved (5:59 sec)

Create a more loving connection with people you care about. This NeuroBooster allows you to access the feeling of being totally loving and connected before you go out on a date or spend time with someone you care about. It will make the time you spend with them richer and more meaningful for the both of you.