1.Mind Movie

This NeuroBooster uses the power of your mind to bring a higher level of thinking to your projects and meetings. Additionally, it programs your neurology to bring out your very best self when you go to execute your plan.

2. Visual Swish

This is a powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that will transform limiting behaviors into empowering behaviors ones in minutes. These new behaviors will accelerate your success.

3. Circuit Breaker

We all have certain people or situations that cause us to react in a way that does not serve us. It's like having a button that makes us react without thinking. This NeuroBooster removes that button putting you back in control of the situation so you make better decisions.

4. Glass Wall

This Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique allows you to master new skills very quickly. For example, imagine wanting to be more patient in a certain situation this NeuroBooster makes that possible.

5. A Conversation With Future You

Use the phenomenal power of your unconscious mind to bring wisdom to your thinking, proposals, and projects. This NeuroBooster allows you think 3 dimensionally so you get deeper insights and foresee problems that would have sabotaged your efforts

6. Resolving Past Issues

This NeuroBooster allows you to go back to any past event and make peace with it. You can finally learn the lesson so you can completely let go of the regret and anxiety that holds you hostage to the past.

7. Master Any Ability

Remember the holo-deck on Star Trek The Next Generation. It allowed people to create any world they desired in a totally safe environment. This NeuroBooster creates a Holo-deck in your mind so you can rehearse any skill or ability until you master it.

8. Stop Negative Self-Talk

This NeuroBooster stops that negative voice inside your head that sabotages your efforts to build a meaningful life. In fact, this powerful technique replaces the negative voice for a positive voice that supports you in your efforts.